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The Agarwood Files

        -  Agarwood Biblio Update

Adulteration of Essential Oils - Update 2008

Ambergris     Ambergris Update

                       Further Ambergris Update

Autoxidation of Essential Oils     Autoxidation of Essential Oils Biblio

                                                       The Trouble with the Oxidation of Essential Oils

Argan Oil       Argan Oil & sustainability Issues

                       Argan Oil Bibliography

Backhousia citriodora (- notes on minor oils series)

Banned Essential Oils -Update July 2010

Bio-piracy & Ayurvedic Medicine

Blue Cypress Oil (- notes on minor oils series)

BSP Safety Symposium Powerpoint Presentation Mar 2010

                      ditto pdf version

Candeia       Candeia Biblio

                      Notes on Threatened Candeia Plant

Cedarwood  Cedarwood Atlas Ecology

                       Cedarwood Oils Reviewed

Coumarin     Coumarin - The Real Story - Update 2 Feb 2009

                      Coumarin Database

Dispelling Urban Myths in the Aroma World  

                      Article One - Does Jojoba Oil Contain Myristic Acid by Rob Stitt.

                      Article Two - Is the Top, Middle & Bottom Note Concept Redundant?

                      Article Three Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Disinformation

Dragons Blood

Essential Oils, Eco issues

Exploited Trees

Fennel Biblio

Frankincense   Frankincense Biblio v1.11.pdf

                           Extended Frankincense Feature

Fur(an)ocoumarins   Fur(an)ocoumarins: The Cropwatch Articles

                                    Fur(an)ocoumarins in Natural Products: An A-Z Listing - Update July 2010

                                    Reply from the EU Commissioner 05.09

                                   Objection to EU proposal on Furanocoumarins Sept 2009

Ground Ivy (Glechoma hederacea) - notes on minor oils series

Juniper Disappearance in UK

Karo-karoundé (- notes on minor oils series)

Kava-Kava                Bans to be Reconsidered (2005)

                                   New Take on Old Situation (2006)

Melissa                      Melissa oil Biblio

                                   Melissa EO Testing Summary

                                   Melissa oil testing - the further details

                                   Melissa officinalis Cropwatch Article Archive

Methyl Eugenol Containing Essential Oils

Mosquitoes               Mosquitoes Malaria & Essential Oils

                                   Preventing Insect Bites Naturally

                                   Update on Malaria

                                   Bad Science & Malaria

                                   Anti-Malarial E.O Bibilio 

Myrrh                         Myrrh & Related Commiphora - Bibliography

Natural Aromatics Regulation, Politics vs. Science

Oakmoss, Treemoss - Regulatory situation - Cropwatch Articles 2008 -2009

                                   Oakmoss Biblio

Odour Profiling of Essential Oils

Opoponax                 Cropwatch Objection to SCCP Opinion 0871/05

                                   Opoponax & Styrax Face The Chop from IFRA

Perfumers & the 40th IFRA Amendment

Peru Balsam            Cropwatch's Public Consultation Submission to EU

                                   Peru Balsam Chemistry

                                   Peru Balsam Applications

                                   Peru Balsam & Propolis Biblio

                                  The Peru Balsam Regulatory Fiasco

Pesticides                The Pesticides Database

                                   Pesticides in Oranges

Quenching Hypothesis Discredited

Rapeseed (syn. Canola) Revisited

Ravensara/Ravintsara   Ravensara/Ravintsara Biblio

                                         Ravensara/Ravintsara Confusion

Regulation of Traditional Herbal Medicine in The UK

Rosewood                 Rosewood Biblio

                                    Cropwatch Features 2004 - 2010

Safrole                        Safrole & Safrole-Containing Essential oils - a Bibliography

                                     Sassafras Oil Trade Threatens Cambodian Forest

                                     Feedback: Safrole Logging in Burma        

                                     Safrole: Human Carcinogenicity Risk Overstated?

Sandalwood                Sandalwood: A Critical View of Developments

                                     Sandalwood Biblio

                                      WA Sandalwood Oil - A Tale of Spin & Hype

                                      Sandalwood is smuggled out of existence

                                      Sandalwood Update 2006

Santolina chamaecyparissus (-notes on minor oils series)

SCS Symposium Lecture, Grantham, May 17-19, 2009.

                                      Legislators and Natural Aromatics pdf

                                      Lecturers and Natural Aromatics  PowerPoint version

Tagetes Oils and Extracts     Cropwatch Objection to SCCP Opinion 0869/05

                                                 Further Clarifications`Feb 2006

                                                 Tagetes Update 2009

Tea Tree Oil                Summary Update 2009

                                      Archived Cropwatch Pages

Threatened Aromatic Species    A-Z list  Mar 2010 (v1.21.pdf)

                                                        Endangered Species Update Article

                                                        Chinese Medicine Consumes Threatened Species

World Perfumery Congress Lecture, Cannes, June 1-4, 2010

                                      The Role of Risk Aversion in the Decline of the Perfumery Art PowerPoint version

                                     ditto pdf version

Ylang-ylang: Some Brief Musings